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What is a Thermal Imaging Survey?


A thermal imaging camera (also called an infrared camera) uses heat signatures to build an image. A normal camera will use light to capture an image. This means a thermal imaging camera can see any hot spots which a normal camera, or the naked eye would miss. Thermal imaging can be used during a visual inspection to spot hidden electrica faults.

Why you need thermal imaging?


Finding the faults early on can lead to substantial cost savings later on. Using thermal imaging provides another layer of protection against electrical faults and provides additional evidence of steps taken towards safety compliance. If used in between testing periods, thermal imaging can spot faults early on before they become dangerous. Thermal imaging surveys can be used for energy conservation, on commercial and residential buildings.

Frequency of testing?


As with all electrical safety testing the frequency can vary heavily between different installations. Contact us whether you are an EIS customer or not, we will be happy to advise you on the frequency regarding electrical safety testing, so you do not over test. 

A Selection Of Our Customers

Thermal Imaging Surveys?

Using an infrared camera which can visually detect the temperature within an electrical installation. Detecting hot spots and cold spots which should or shouldn’t be present relating the the electrical environment. From the Infrared  images taken we will produce a detailed report of any faults and potential faults we find and file all the images – which adds to the evidence of your safety compliance. Our report will include advice and recommendations for monitoring and any repairs needed to ensure future safety.  Using thermal imaging we can identify faults as they’re appearing and prevent costly repairs and down time.

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