PAT Testing in Norwich (Portable Appliance Testing)

What is Portable Appliance Testing?


PAT Testing or Portable Appliance Testing is vital for ensuring the electrical safety in our everyday lives. Chargers, TVs, Toasters – any appliance which requires mains power should be regularly tested to prevent accident or injury due to degradation of an appliance. How frequently your business will require PAT testing depends on a variety of factors, including the type of appliance and business. We’re happy to help advise you, so you do not over test your appliances. 

Voltage checking of a portable appliance
Why do you need testing?


There is a legal responsibility for employers, employees and self employed personnel to do everything “reasonably practicable” to ensure the safety of their electrical appliances. The Health & Safety Executive stated 25% of all reported electrical accidents involved portable appliances, which isn’t hard to believe considering the volume of modern appliances we plug into the mains electricity. PAT testing helps to reduce this figure and ensure a safer environment for everyone on your premises. 

Electrical engineer with PAT testing machine
Frequency of testing?


Regular testing of electrical appliances from a qualified PAT tester alongside routine user inspections, will prove “reasonably practicable” steps have been taken to ensure all appliances are in good working order. This will help prevent harm to any individual on your property, employees, or customers. If you would like advice regarding the frequency of your PAT testing – contact us, we’re passionate about electrical safety and we’re happy to explain what is legally expected of your business.

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How do we PAT test?

Our engineers are trained to test all items thoroughly in an active working environment, ensuring minimal disruption to your working day. Our engineers will provide inspections and testing compliant with the “IET Code of Practise” for in service inspection and testing of electrical equipment. You will receive a report with each item tested. The report will contain each item’s result (Fail or Pass), a unique ID number and a description / location of the item.

After inspection is finished we will provide a certificate and asset register.

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