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Providing high quality electrical testing services to Ipswich and surrounding areas.

At Electrical Inspection Solutions we are passionate about helping businesses provide a safer work environment for their customers and employees. We provide electrical safety testing services throughout the whole of the UK and pride ourselves on making a difference to public health and safety. We’re local to the Ipswich area so we can provide an unbeatable cost effective solution for your businesses electrical safety.

We're Local

We’re based in Norwich. We have a high density of professional contractors available in Norfolk and Suffolk, meaning we can quote cheaper than our competitiors.

Family Business

Providing a personal service is something we pride ourselves on. Ensuring every job is completed with full customer satisfaction, professionally and in a timely manner.


Not and EIS customer? We can still help you understand whats required of your business – contact us for advise. Anyway we can help you to provide a safer work space, we will.

What is fixed wire testing?


Periodical fixed wire testing is necessary to ensure an electrical installation is performing safely and efficiently. You may also see fixed wire testing referred to as; “Hard Wire Testing”, “Electrical Installation Condition Report” (EICR), “Periodical Inspection Report” (PIR), “Fuse Board Testing” or “Fixed Testing”. Learn more about fixed wire testing.

Frequency Of Testing?


Some installations will require testing more frequently than others. We’re happy to explain the legal aspects and how the Health & Safety Executive affects your business or property specifically over the phone or via email. Even if you’re not an EIS customer, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice. Contact us here. 

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